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And you, would be the guy wholl take Click through and See. A few years ago I took a course on the history of the American empire. One of the lectures that stuck with me, and perhaps even more so when I stumbled on it online, was one that described how the US government tried to break up a region of the world in which a powerful people had just recently discovered what it meant to be peaceful. The region, or rather the people in that region, called it the savages. T really look or act anything like savages. The professor described the region as a place that was unsettled, with little infrastructure, little commercial activity. And that if you could bring this civilization to that region, you could produce the food and the wealth of that region. This was a project, an ambitious project, that was never going to be successful. And if it failed, if it was just a temporary project, maybe this entire continent, and indeed the world, would be free of any sort of civilization. Thats the kind of thinking that is going on in the US right now. It is to destroy and destroy and destroy the world, and if that fails, maybe we can finally abandon this planet. I cant imagine the inhabitants of the other places the US is trying to conquer. T imagine the people living in whatever the hell the future of the planet will be if we fail. T been to a protest with my own citizenship yet but who see this country with a different kind of eyes, this country trying its best to break the world and it failing. T look away as all this destruction takes place. T help but be a country that is built upon the theft of the future.

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