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In reality, a large percentage of the drawings that you make, arent even like that one: drawing of yourself in profile, or as a couple holding hands, or of a picture of yourself in your kitchen. You have to do something creative with your drawing skills if you canSurely you could create something with your own personal experience, some of which is rather positive. You tell the truthIts time to tell the truth. Youve been an active participant in the modern world, and thats been great. You have done your share of selfishness, and thats been even better. Youve been around so long, and youve had more than enough opportunity, that youve had many opportunities to do wonderful work. You have had countless opportunities to succeed in the workplace. Theres no way you didnt deserve your success. It seems to you that its time to look at all that you did, and do something with it. It seems that nothing could be worse than the truth. Youve said all that you want to say. You continue to tell the truthYouve said all that you want to say. Youre not going to lie to yourself, to the world, or even to others, when you know that your honesty is going to be good for you, and good for them. You have to continue to tell the truth, and you have to tell it with your own life. You know that telling lies to others is bad. You dont think anyone will be interested in what youve to say. But youve grown up in a world where youve had many opportunities, and you want to make the most of them. You cant lie about whats going on in your life. In order for the truth to be told, the truth has to come from within, and if you dont tell it yourself, you cant let anyone force it on you. You cant let anyone force you.

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