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You then hear a voice which sounds very familiar. A male voice says which turns out to be your father. You say which causes him to run over to hug you. You know, your visit made me reminisce a bit about our times living in the Dominican Republic. Just thinking about the people I worked with there, the place is really unique there. Ve been thinking about all the wonderful times we shared and how lucky we are that we were born in the same place and brought up the same way. Sigh, we got a long way to go before we get to be like you and your ancestors though. S hand as he looks at you for the last time, then he smiles and then finally dies. You just hold his hand in your own as he dies and think about what he told you a long time ago. Huh, I guess I got off late again. You say to yourself as you sit up and check your phone. After looking at the time, you see that the time has changed.

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