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You 1946This is your year, or rather your generation. Its the year you became an adult and learned what it means to be an adult. You grew up watching the Baby Boomer generation rise up to become the great leaders and soldiers of this world. Ve to have actually been a part of that great, epic time. What a shame, you thought, that all your life youve had that feeling of inadequacy. You were the child of a night club singer. Even if you didnt want to be a songbird your mom would have made you one. She knew the only way shed be able to support you and your sister was to join the club scene and make enough money to go to strip joints and lap dances along the way. Youd grown up with the memory of the famous singers and musicians you used to see on TV, but you never fully understood the significance of some of their lyrics or the songs they inspired. The songs that really resonated with you though were the ones written by people you didnt know and never heard of. You remember listening to those albums over and over for hours on end while you were sleeping. You wanted to be one of those guys who had a famous song sung about them. But like most children of the rich, youre an only child. Your father worked long and hard all his life never getting to be rich and your mother stayed at home. You had no choice but to grow up poor. Grow up with no hope, or go out and work hard with hope in your heart. You grow up and work hard with hope in your heart. The sun has already set when you climb onto the front porch of the home of a very nice lady who lives nearby in your age group. Your face is flushed and your chest is heaving with exertion. Youre starving and exhausted after your long ride to the big city, and you need to be able to drink a little more if youre going to keep your energy up for this long ride. Still, your stomach is grumbling in protest and youre not sure you want to go through with this. The thought of getting behind the wheel of a car is frightening in itself. So, she begins, Ive been looking for you all day.

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celebrities born in 1946