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You may have been a warrior, but I was a warrior. I still cant see you as a real friend. Aethelwulf and Aragorn II srcAethelwulf, often called Aethelwulf by his men, but by others he is simply known as the Warrior was the chieftain of the Osmundrim tribe and the leader of his tribe for most of the First Era. Contents showBiography EditEarly life EditAethelwulf married a woman from the tribe of the Osmundrim, the Ealdorman Ea, and bore him four sons: Eadwine, Wulfheah, Aethelred, and Aethelwulf. Wulfheah was a skilled fighter but Aethelred, who was very attached to his father, preferred to enjoy his time as a warrior, and preferred drinking and partying with his mates rather than doing his fathers work as a warrior. Aethelwulf, however, made sure that his sons would always be given work to do, and they would always be respected. 1Aethelwulf would go on to conquer many tribes. He would be renowned as one of the most skilled warriors of his day, and became the most famous chieftain of his time. However, due to his attitude of preferring to drink and party during the day, he frequently incurred the ire of his fellow tribesmen. His tribe would be the primary reason for the destruction of many tribes, and he would eventually find himself on the verge of being killed. 2The Battle of the Maelstrom EditDont you worry, dear, those Oromoses are the weakest of our enemies, if we can just get a few of them to go in for a big attack, it will break their spirit. One day, he was on an expedition with his son Aethelred. His son was about to give his father a message when an ancient Orikan, a large humanoid, stepped out of the bushes with a wooden club in his hand.

Article about Celebrities born in 1946

celebrities born in 1946