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Lets gather all the dogs weve got and lets celebrates birthday together. You start asking everyone,When did you meet this celebrity. A few minutes after you start asking, you notice that the dogs are all staring at your hands, your eyes and even your nose. The face has already changed a lot, you say, I dont think the dog would be able to recognize it. It is the first time you meet such a celebrity-look-alike and everyone is talking about his face. You even get a stare from one dog and a scratch from another. I didnt take it for that, but it doesnt matter, right. You say to them, trying to look confident. But, but, but, but, is this really the first time weve met a lookalike. Ve met a celebrity-look-alike on such a big scale. You say Sure, why notYeah, why not. You thought they were just cute dogs who looked a bit like celebrities. You nod in agreement and go to talk with the dogs. You go to the back of the store and talk to all the dogs with all their eyes on you, So, everyone is like this too. S just one of those coincidences that happens to me all the time, one of them says. M pretty sure that all of them are just ordinary dogs with unusual faces. S see if we can find out more about all of them and if they have families or something. You find several of them and talk with each of them. At last, the dogs are starting to get a little bored of the store and start leaving.

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dogs that look like celebrities