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Million, seven-story, 125,000-square-foot Rosedale Mall is going up. On Thursday morning, the projects architect, the architectural firm BuroHappold, presented its designs to the Rosedale Area Chamber of Commerce. The store is expected to open to the public in the second half of 2013. There will be a huge difference in the look and feel of the Rosedale area. In fact, you might see new Rosedale itself. I think when you open the doors, it will be a good sign that Rosedale is beginning to emerge. Were expecting a great response, city councillor Bill Smith, one of the key people behind the Rosedale master plan, said. On the opening day, the new Rosedale will hold some 60 stores and restaurants, but it may actually be more than that. Yes, and it will be a truly Canadian success story, with an extensive community programme that will attract people from around the world, Smith said. All these questions are still unanswered, but for a while, we caught up with a couple of city staff and a few business people to get an idea of what to expect when Rosedale opens. You may have seen the renderings on Rosedale Malls site and a lot of the details seem to be similar. Some of the larger aspects of the building will be a lot less than the Rosedale Master Plan anticipated. We had the idea that people would be able to walk up to the parking garage without using a ladder, BuroHappolds David Ritchie said. The concept is that people will be able to drive into the mall and then walk up the elevator. The parking garages would be much larger than the ones shown on Rosedale Malls site. The garage shown on that Rosedale site would be bigger than the ones that are shown on its site, which look to be fairly small, and much bigger than the ones that exist in some malls in the region. The new Rosedale will include large numbers of condos and an area where smaller apartment complexes will be built.

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golden ratio face celebrities