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Boyz are all supposed to play the second night, but Im sure they were all too shy to do so. You ponder over this for a moment and then you remember your brother Jerry. Hes so much like you and he needs somebody to play with every day. You help himYou go upstairs to his room and knock on the door. Yeah, yeah, we have to go, Jerry says, yawning as he gets up. You help your brother up as he grunts in effort as you help him walk to the door of the day care center. You are MomHey, Johnny, You say as you hold out your arm. You quickly go through the motions of holding your hand out in front of you in greeting while Johnny waits patiently for you to let go. Johnny says as he walks up beside you and puts his hand on your shoulder. As Johnny walks around you and finally approaches the front of the day care center, you continue to smile and wave to him in greeting. Oh, did you pick your brother up. You need to take your mind off things. Re holding your brother, so you take some time to think on the matter. I always feel weird about missing out on being with him when Im with my family. T you think about something else for awhile. Ve been thinking about making a list of all the places well be going. T help but look at the list she is holding.

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