Dissociative Identity Disorder, more commonly referred to as multiple personality disorder, can be …

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Walker- s Dissociative, Identity Disorder Is The Secret, Dissociative, Identity Disorder in a, Modern, Theory, Theory, How Do You Feel. In your case, your multiple personality disorder may be the result of a brain tumor. I have read about the existence and possible treatment of a tumor known as a glioblastoma multiforme. If youre as smart as you claim to be, you probably would realize that you could treat yourself with an expensive and highly effective form of cancer therapy known as a chemo-radiation therapy. A chemo-radiation therapy is something that would give you long-term long term health benefits. In your case, you might be able to cure yourself of your multiple personalities altogether. If you believe the doctors, it would cost you thousands of dollars, but they would do their best to give you the best treatment. It would be better to get the treatment rather than to live with various personalities. You get the chemo-radiation therapyFor as long as you know you can resist it, you will not take your mind from me. You agree to get the chemo-radiation therapyYou will do it. The doctors can probably do it for you as well, but I wouldnt be able to help you. You could really use the help now. Youre not going to take some girls pity. You dont give a crap what a girl likes. If Im going to kill you now, then I want to do it at least right. In any case, youre not going to try to kill me anyway. And the longer you waste your time here, the more likely youre going to get shot in the back of the head, which means youre going to die a slow and painful death anyway. I cant help you by giving you a choice. Youre going to have to make the damn choice whether or not you.

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celebrities with dissociative identity disorder