Disney Channel Star Leigh-Allyn Baker Makes Strange Anti-Vaxx Speech At School Board Meeting – WATCH!

Good luck anti-vaxxers… Even having a Disney Channel mom on your side isn’t enough to change a school board’s mind! (Thank god.)

Leigh-Allyn Baker, who starred in Good Luck Charlie, was among a group of Franklin, Tennessee natives protesting a new mask mandate in their school district on Thursday. The 49-year-old actress, who just moved to the area last year, addressed the Williamson County Board of Education in a now-viral video making some bold ass claims she insisted were backed by science.

To kick things off, the Bad Hair Day lead introduced herself, saying:

“My name is Leigh-Allyn Baker, and I’m a California refugee.”

Oh, boy… With an intro like that, we just know things are going to get wild. Sucking up to the board members, the Will & Grace alum continued:

“I gave up everything there: a really successful Hollywood career, television shows. I gave it all up for freedom and to come to this friendly place in Tennessee and be greeted with open arms, and I love it here.”

But she definitely doesn’t love the school’s rule that students must wear masks while attending in-person lessons — and she’s even willing to risk her children’s health (or, worse, potentially their lives) so that they can continue to breathe?? Huh?!

The momma of Griffin, 12, and Baker James, 8, explained:

“I wanted to tell you that I have two vax-injured children, and they have medical exemptions after the seizures and the hospitalizations after all of their immunizations. I was granted, obviously, a medical exemption. So, my children are those rare children that will just not be able to get the vaccine.”

Regardless of this obvious cause for concern — cause coronavirus is only continuing to worsen with the Delta variant, especially for unvaccinated individuals — the Charmed star argued:

“And still, I would never put them in a mask because their brain needs oxygen to grow which the neurologist can confirm.”

Excuse us, WHAT?!

We know masks can get a little stuffy, but they certainly wouldn’t harm a child’s ability to grow? Or — god forbid — breathe!! Why would any of us wear masks for over a year if we were getting suffocated?

It just doesn’t make sense, but Leigh-Allyn didn’t stop there. She sarcastically called out some MAJOR historical documents as her right to protest the mask mandate:

“Anyway, the real part of the clown show is that you all think that you actually have the authority to mandate this. Because there are these books that I have, and I have them as a gift for you, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers, and also the Bible. These guarantee my freedom and yours and our children’s to breathe oxygen.”

Just hear the roar of approval she got from her fellow protesters in the clip (below)…

Whoa… Luckily, for everyone trying to squash this pandemic for good and protect the lives of those around them, the board approved the mask mandate despite these hecklers, according to NBC News. Oh, and just for reference, while she claimed to be a Hollywood runaway, the performer is still acting via her IMDb page, which shows three films in various stages of production right now. So, why does she claim she’s given up that lifestyle?? The facts just don’t add up. But what could we expect from an anti-vaxxer, right?

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