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Celebs and public figures seem to have an especially difficult life in America, especially those born in or who grew up in America. When most Americans think of famous Americans, they usually think of rich white people, with most of them are white. One of the most significant issues in America right now is how to deal with those who make money from the word art. As a journalist, Im not surprised that the entertainment industry produces the most famous Americans of all. Im surprised that its not at least more interesting and informative that a list of people who are famous for something else, such as being famous on Twitter. Im also surprised that its not more complicated, and that more people and institutions would have a deeper conversation about it. This list of Americas most infamous people is the first time in my life that Ive ever found out a celebritys entire name. As a celebrity, Ill admit, I can get a little overprotective of myself, since Im also a public figure and subject to criticism. And I suppose I may have become a little overprotective of me by writing the words celebrity and critic. There arent many things we celebrities cant also criticize other famous people for, and this list of Americas most famous people is the thing that we have most to answer for. This list of celebrities and their most hated characteristics and behaviors is no exception. There are some celebrities and public figures whom this list does not recognize. Of course there are many more celebrities on this list than there are public figures. One of the most notable things that many people who are famous for something else might have in common is that theyre famous because theyre famous. And many of them are topics that I am not really a fan of or have no experience in. There are also many of the same positive opinions on celebrities, which Im not really sure why they would have. Some of the things that are said is a bit over the top, and I wouldnt expect celebrities to react like this. Even Im somewhat surprised that this list is this long. Im pretty sure there are many public figures who have the same list, as theres a number of public figures on.

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