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The more you think about this the more you dont buy. Youre supposed to be in high school, doing your own thing now, and youve decided this is the one thing youre never going to do ever again. You didnt join the Marines so you could make a million dollar movie with a bunch of high school kids. You didnt join the military so you could go on cruises with people you dont know. Youre not a model because youre a famous actress. Youre not famous because you made a half reality show and half porno. Youre not famous because youre a porn star, youre famous because youre not doing what everybody else is doing. Yeah, and youre not a survivor you know goddamn well. Youre never going to be a model and youre never going to be famous. And dont even tell me youre doing this just for the money. Youre taking this shitty job just because its what you do. Youre not doing it just because its your thing because really thats all it has been all fucking week. Youve been doing this a long time and youre not fucking changing. Youre never going to be a porn star and while its always been your thing to be a porn star, youre not doing it now. Youre not a 20 something year old girl whos trying to figure out what life is all about. Were starting the campaign and we need your help, we dont have time to do it all on our own. I appreciate you coming on this campaign to support us. And, to think, I was going to turn my back on porn for a minute. Come on, tell your dad what you think.

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