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Ll meet some of the most popular and well known people in the entertainment industry. Ll find interesting facts, interesting people, interesting celebrities and even an interesting room. You enter the room and see a lot of pictures, magazines, and posters of people, some of them on stools. There are also some television screens showing other people. You select a pictureYou take a small photograph of one of the people and leave the room. Some time later, you see two television screens which show the same person. The screen displays what you saw yesterday: one person is the same, the other is different. You quickly take another photograph of your person. You select a personYou select one of the people and get out of the room. A little later, you pick up a small box and open its plastic cover. They are identical, except for a single hair on one person; this hair is the only difference. Wait a minute I have demons from every conceivable dimension. You have no idea what you are going to do with the demons, but you are fascinated. You try other peopleYou select the person you were looking at yesterday and press the button on the machine. Krol, you are the only person who can save us. Then, another screen shows the same person. You are the only person who can save us. Then still another person appears on the screen. You are the only one who can save us.

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58 celebrities