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The list includes several celebrities that youve never heard of before, the vast majority of which have had their fame in no way diminished by age. So if you find yourself wanting to watch some oldies or a classic movie for the first time in years, a few of these are a good place to start. You dont want to waste your time watching old moviesIll wait. You think to yourself, as your mind briefly flashes back to a story about a man who waited a century to get to know his daughter. You waitWhat the hell, youre in the middle of a movie. You dont know why youd wait that much longer, besides you have a better idea now. You start to walk over to the TV and turn on the TV to a more comfortable position you can sit in. Im 52 years old and I love movies. Every time I come to the movies I dont just come with a bag of popcorn and a couple of drink tickets. I come with my whole life and Ill leave with anything I want. I come here because movies mean more to me than anything else. A few moments pass and John begins to walk towards the couch. But I know what youre thinking, and thats why youre here. Theyre great, but what good are they when theyre not made with the people who gave them life. Im here on a mission to find out what the most creative people in their own time made in movies. You see him get off the couch and sit down. He looks you up and down and then he says, Im going to take you back to the time when movies were made by people like me. Im going to let you help me, let me do my work. I dont need you coming here telling me what to make, what to cut or why something should or shouldnt be in a particular movie. You dont know how to make movies; you dont know what movies are made out of. Youre not going to help me make my movies. Youve got other things on your mind, thats all I can say. He steps back and looks you up and down. John, Im not the one you need to consult. Youve got much on your mind that doesnt need your help. I can assure you that youll never have to wait this long.

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