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CelebritiesBorn on September 30Kirsten Dunst: SeptemKirsten Dunst was born on Septem, and thats when people are talking about her. On her birthdays, people are celebrating the fact that she was born on September 29th. Trevor Noah: SeptemTrevor Noah has been in the spotlight ever since he became the host of The Daily Show for Comedy Central. He has been nominated for a number of awards throughout his career. Ellen DeGeneres: SeptemEllen DeGeneres was born on Septem, making her one of the oldest celebrities with a birthday. Its also said that she has some of the best singing skills in the world. Kendrys Morales: SeptemKendrys Morales has been in the spotlight ever since he was signed by the San Jose Earthquakes. The Real Salt Lake midfielder became one of the most in-demand Designated Players in Major League Soccer. Was born on Aug, as many are celebrating his birthday today. The rapper was featured on the song Birthday Cake with 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj. This week has been about a lot of stuff, but I wanted to talk a bit about the upcoming event. Ill also be attending as a player and playing in a team. I was sent by our order last week to speak with you about the coming event. This isnt our first time participating on this event, so Im not going to do a full report on this. Just brief things that have been happening this week. First off, were planning on doing this event in the night. I believe this is the only time we can do this though. Currently its too cold for us to go in the daytime since it could potentially make things too dangerous for us. Ill discuss this with the leaders of the other factions and come up with a night time option. I know it says it starts in one week, but this is just a placeholder until we actually know all the details of this event. I believe its going to be a death feast of some sort. The event is going to be some sort of death event, so dont expect it to be a simple quest where you kill a couple of vampires. I imagine itll be something more involved and will be part of a larger quest chain. Also I have been told to make it so players cant just run off to do whatever they want once the event has started.

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celebrities born on september 30