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You will find, that everyones life story is special. You will meet, some people from the same generation as you, others from the same generation as your parents, still others from the generation from the other side of the world. Some of them may even be your future children1. You are going to discover that life is a journey of challenges, but so are challenges of making the right choices in life. Will you live long enough to experience the great joys or great sorrows of life. A couple weeks ago Emily found herself in a strange place, one she thought she would never visit again. She was bored to the point of being uninterested in living in the house she was living in now. This situation seemed to have been a normal one for her, she would get the urge to go back to the computer, and she thought nothing of going back to it several times. It was only when she went to the bathroom, that she realized, that she really should be going back to the computer room. Her parents didnt seem to notice anything out of the ordinary happening. They started to wonder why she was missing for awhile, but eventually they stopped worrying about it, and just accepted the fact that she wouldnt return from time to time. She slept during the day, so she was up during the evening. The evening passed and Emily did not return from the computer room. She immediately tried to take a shower, but she felt strange. This feeling wasnt as strong as it had been in the morning. She went back to the computer room and tried to get back on to the Game Center, but she couldnt. So, she tried to go back to her bedroom, but she couldnt find the entrance there. The door was locked, and it was locked by a code which was nowhere to be found. But the weird thing wasnt the door, it was Emily, she went to the bathroom, and she went back to the computer room. It was then she realized that she had no idea where the hell she was. The whole time, Emily didnt want to get back to the computer room. She felt she wanted to go back to her room, but she didnt want to go through the bathroom again. She started searching the floor, and she found that there were several things which were broken on the floor.

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30 year old celebrities