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The list of famous 16 year old females includes Julie DArcy of England, Julie Cumberbatch, Diana Rainsford. Enter in the name: the name of a famous famous 16 year old female. Enter your name here: No longer using the name.

The most famous 16 year old Females include Sophia Wylie, Luca, Natalie, ElizabethYou sit and listen to the podcast after hearing the amazing news that in this country, 16 year olds can vote. A day or two later you are watching your favorite musician as he tours the country. You look at your phone, trying to get some work done and a call comes in. You ask her what she is doingHi baby, its me, just checking to see whats going on and how you are doing. You are really not sure at all how to react. She must be really excited to finally be allowed to do something she has always wanted to do and you just want to get through the day so you can get to bed. You go back to work and never see her again. You go homeAfter working for a while, you get tired and go home. You go through the normal routine of going to sleep. You soon realize that she is not breathing and see that she has a fractured neck. Your heart breaks as she lies in a pool of her own blood on the floor. You are in utter despair and you just want to let go of her so you can die. Then, you begin to hear a noise from the living room. You go there and see a man that looks very familiar. However, you tell yourself that it cant be him, he has been gone from his home for so long. Its me, I need to tell my mom Im okay. Youre my son and Im so glad youre here. Im so sorry I didnt tell you sooner about my accident. Im so glad to hear that you survived the disaster. It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the air was clear. I watched all the people come outside and I didnt know what to do. I wandered from shelter to shelter, all of them asking for.

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