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Credit: Getty Images for NARAS Robert Kirkman. Share these with someone special On the flip side, Share these with someone who does not like February people If you were the kind of person who liked: Share this infographic on your site. Click here to view this infographic See our other infographics here. On Aug, I filed suit against the City of Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Police Department, and five unnamed officers for the shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith. In the days following the fatal shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith, I struggled to come to grips with the fact that my son was killed, but I made the choice that I had to get justice for Anthony before I could move on with my life. Anthony Lamar Smith On the afternoon of, Anthony Lamar Smith and his friend Shawn M. Smith were at a party at the residence where Shawns father lived with his wife and three children. As Anthony and Shawn walked away from the door of the home, they met up with another friend of Shawns named James McQuay. At that point three officers were in the parking lot of the home, where a friend of Shawns was throwing his car keys away and apparently deciding where he was going to sleep the night after the party. I do not know what happened exactly between Shawn and Anthony, but I do know that Shawn was shot and killed that night. The shooting by the police was a terrible thing to happen and I am grateful that the officers involved were promptly and appropriately charged with a crime. As I wrote in the opening paragraph of my complaint, I filed this suit against the Tarrant County District Attorney to provide compensation for the pain and suffering as well as the loss of your son Anthony Lamar Smith. After the lawsuit was filed, I searched the law on how to proceed. I wrote down the steps I took and I gave my list to the district attorney who accepted my list. I wanted to take the district attorneys list, so I could then go to the officers that I believe should have charged with the crime. Because they could have charged Shawn and Anthony, I could file suit against them instead of going through the process of the Tarrant County District Attorney. You know who one of the officers is that I want to sue. You believe that Officer Michael Johnson should be held accountable for the death of your son.

Article about Celebrities born in february

celebrities born in february