Dionne Warwick Rips Earnest Pugh for Falsely Saying Cissy Houston Died

Gospel star Earnest Pugh is feeling the wrath of Dionne Warwick this morning after he incorrectly announced the death of Whitney Houston‘s mother — someone who’s very much alive, according to Dionne.

Earnest shook up the Internet Wednesday with a now-scrubbed post about the “passing” of Cissy Houston, who is also Dionne’s aunt … so, it didn’t take long for Dionne to call BS and throw some serious shade.

Dionne told the world Cissy is still with us, adding “This Earnest Pugh needs to get a life and stay out of other peoples lives!”

Friend of the Houston family and fellow Gospel singer Kim Burrell echoed the good news, minus the sass … saying, “Please respect her life as she continues to live. She’s home. Thank you all🙏🏽”

Good to hear Cissy’s alive and well after all — and, not shockingly, Earnest has yet to respond to Dionne.

Smart move.

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