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Status: Open You look aroundThe crowd is fairly young, and theres an old couple sitting together having a drink. You cant quite make them out, but the pair of them look Middle Eastern. You keep looking, until you recognise the name Rulayousef: he was in the previous video with the Arab Celebrity who you cant quite see. As the crowds swells and swirls around you, you watch as young people of various nationalities and ethnicities join the party. Rulayousef4 is now a Rulayousef, with Rulayousef4 becoming a Rulayousef5, and so on until you reach one with Rulayousef20 on his collar. You look at the people of different nationalities in front of you, and you realize that none of the people you see here are from any of the places you know. You look around and see a large crowd gathered around the two men with guns. Youre surprised that you dont run into anyone else from the university. Youre not sure how you managed to avoid getting caught. You walk for another five minutes, until a man and a woman walk into the room to see you, and a man and a woman to see the couple from before. You are surprised to see that theres now a middle-aged couple with you. One of them is wearing traditional Arabic clothing, and carries a long weapon at his side. The other wears a suit, carries a phone, and is much more relaxed of the situation. Look at you, all dressed up and all dressed down. He says, trying to think of the best answer first. Rulayousef, come on, you can do better than that, you say. Now, lets see if you know some Arabs. I thought you were some Arab guy.

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