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You decide to go with either one and you take a deep breath. Okay, let me start by saying, I dont know much about women, let alone the finer points of a womans head, but I have seen so much in an effort to figure out which pair I should be with that I have developed an appreciation for it. So, I need you to please, take your time to read the above paragraph thoroughly, and then answer the questions posed. If you answer all of the questions correctly, you will get to go with one of the celebrities listed. You answer some of the questionsIm a man about town, you say. I think youre a bit of an idiot, the other man says. I know I dont agree with a lot of them, but I think you have to know when to leave them alone and just smile when they do something good for you. Um, thanks guys, you say as you finish up your assignment. What you really want to do is play video games, sleep, and try to forget about the whole experience. Unfortunately, theres probably still a bunch of people here, and probably even more in the building, and you figure you might as well make the best of it. With a quick washroom break and some more video game playing, you find it to be a very pleasant way to spend your afternoon. I think that was a good idea, one of the guys says. I didnt know there was another guy here. Its fucking San Francisco, people hang out in weird places all the time. As you continue your speech, you realize that hes a real person who exists outside of some video game. You cant believe you just did that to someone. Jim, what the fuck are you doing with my girlfriend. Now Im going to kick you in the balls. You take your ball kick attack, but then realize that you dont actually have a ball to kick. Fortunately enough, the ball-sack that you had on you during your little game with Jim is still in your pocket.

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