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You welcome them and tell them all about your favorite topic: Derby. 230109 The Derby is about to get underway, and your job just got much harder. It is no wonder that some of your co-workers are a little antsy about this change in your schedule. You will have to leave work early to make sure you have enough time to get to the race, but you know you have to. You can either not make it, or you can try to run it. You cant make itYou think you should try to fit in running the Derby, and you dont have much time left. You pack what you need for the day, because otherwise getting to the race could be a problem. You dont stay too late, but you do manage to squeeze in a few more errands. You try to take a short cutYou have to try to make it to the race by 11. You know its not going to be possible, but you really want to go. You could try to find a less crowded part of the grounds and head there on foot. There are also a few side trails at the race track. You could also take a shortcut, which would allow you to get to the track in less time, although youd be leaving the stadium quickly. 220109 You head out of the office and try to find a path that will get you to the racing lines as fast as possible. The park is really small, so there isnt much room to run and you have to make sure the path is clear of obstacles. You dont even know if you can make it, and you are scared at what might pop up if you dont get through this obstacle course the park has made available to you. You feel like you are about to drop a load if you have to run down the path and back. So you slow down and try to find a small nook in the crowd of kids waiting for their parents to let them in the gate. The path is lined with chairs and people have already left their seats to go to those seats. You head to one of them, as far as the line will let you stand and just quietly take the seat until you can find a space in the long line. You cant find another comfortable chair, so you give up when you start to feel too winded and sit on the edge of a table. The table is the only place where you dont feel like you are being watched, so you relax for a minute as you take in the rest of the park outside, and you hear the sound of the announcers voice on the loudspeakers for the.

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