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You feel wonderful about the video itself and you wish the video was you. You look at everyone around you again as you watch the video. The video is just playing in the background and you can see every person there looking down at each, one at, their feet. One looks at another and you can see it. And it has become the others responsibility to make things right. With your eyes, your eyes are the only thing that looks right. Your eye-patch feels like a big plastic bag, you are in a big plastic bag, and you cannot see clearly enough that you have a patch on. You have to look at the faces of the people around you to feel that they are not looking down at you and then you must tell yourself that the video has no significance, or at least that it doesnt have any consequence. You cant do it, its just all in your mind. You get back to the problem at hand and try to convince yourself it is nothing, that your eyes just dont work and that you are perfectly normal like everybody else. You reach inside your shirt and find your sleeve is tied and your hand is too tight to work with. With your back to the wall, you can see people staring at you and you dont feel safe enough to leave the room. You are back in the real world again and you are alone again and you are not really sure how it is going to end. The film was not really an experience; it was just something to pass the time while you waited for the other passengers to load into the ship. You continueWith the film still in your mind, you continue on your way through the ship. You pass the two people talking to each other and you dont know how to respond or who to be interested in. You cant tell whom to look at so you end up not interacting much with them. You are a part of the ship and you are not sure if you would like that, but it must be the truth. Your eyes were not really the problem, it was all in your head. Your eyes were just a tool to express emotions which no longer feel.

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