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You May Not Have The Courage To Reconcile With The True Value Of Your Heart But I Have The Courage To Confront Your Idiocy. If You Want To Rehabilitate Yourself You Have To Relearn The True Power Of Your Heart To Save Yourselves From The World. You immediately shut the door of your room, causing Mrs. You have been speaking to me in a much more cheerful tone in the past. The only person I am trying to help right now is this man. He is going to end up like I did. You think it isnt the world itself that is making you this way. Oh, I dont think it is so much you as I think it is the way you think. You are using some kind of magic to bring yourself happiness and you are doing it very well; however, I have come to realize, that you are still mentally lacking and I cannot help you with this. You will always be that way and you will never be able to change it. I can give you a chance to change your future. If I want to change my life, I could just stop thinking like this in the first place. If you want to do something about it, you need to ask for it yourself. That I should have more courage to talk to you and that you should help me. I dont think I have that much more courage to do so. I dont really care about this anymore and I dont care about that you are a god either. You go outside and ask him that you should change.

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