DeAndre Hopkins Delivers Water To People In Arizona During Heat Wave

DeAndre Hopkins is doing his part to help the people of Arizona stay cool during a devastating heat wave … by walking the streets hand-delivering bottles of ice-cold water.

The Cardinals wideout left the comfort of his air-conditioned mansion and stepped into the scorching 117-degree temps … hitting up his friends to load a pickup truck bed with bags of ice and water so they could drive around the city to hand out water.

The 30-year-old shared the amazing gesture on his TikTok … saying, “We decided to spend the day giving cold water to the people struggling to find housing.”

“You can’t always solve the whole problem, but you can show people kindness.”

In the vid, you can see the 5-time Pro Bowler walking up to people on the streets and sidewalks with bottles of water and even taking time out to have a little conversation with them.

“I’ve been through hard times myself and I still remember how much things like this helped,” Hopkins said. “So look out for each other and help however you can.”

“Stay safe out there Arizona.”

Hopkins — who was traded from the Texans to the Cardinals in 2020 — told us last year he wanted to expand his charity work in Arizona after leaving Houston.

And, from what we’re seeing, he’s doing a great job!

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