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You go to a FuneralAs the years go by, your love for the Dead and celebrity culture becomes stronger and stronger. You continue to enjoy the experience of going to various concerts, but your appreciation for the Dead is growing in intensity. It is just something that needs to be done to continue enjoying the Deadheads. This means that you have to go to Funerals for Dead Musicians like Gary Clark Jr. You also decide you have to go to a Funeral Concert as part of your work as a Deadhead in order to keep up your support of the Dead. As you prepare yourself for this momentous occasion, you think about your past relationship with your brother, how you have both grown closer over the years, but now it is time to say goodbye. Your relationship with him has been a close one, but it is time to move on. You feel that the most important thing is to see your family one last time. You begin to walk down the street and continue to think of your brother every time you see a corpse while looking at Dead Celebrity on your computer. You arrive to the parking lot of a strip club. There are about 100 dead celebrity fans there, including a lot of people wearing Deadhead gear. The place has an indoor theme; chairs are placed on the floor and a large dance floor is set up next to plastic tables. Everyone appears to be in their youth and in high spirits, but you are not as you keep looking at the Dead gear on their person and thinking about your brother. Suddenly you feel a chill hit your spine. A woman with a Deadhead gear wearing a neon pink dress with short, black hair runs over to you. She takes your hand and walks over to a metal fence that surrounds the parking lot. Now I know you are a deadhead, so why dont you tell me what you think about the Dead. You reply with your honest opinion;I like that they are a great American band. I like that too she smiles as she holds up the baby in her arms. Thats the best you can do right now until I tell you how I want to sing it. I just have to tell you that if you think differently about them, you can be singing their song later.

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