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Re stopped by a photo of a middle-aged man with a neatly trimmed beard and a neatly buttoned-down shirt. S hair is straight and not in a neat bun. I got invited along to give a talk about some of my old movies, which were also very much about the Irish in some way. They were really about my childhood, as well as my views on the whole Irish-American community. T expect that there would be an audience here, but apparently there is. The owner of the store, who has been calling himself Joe, proceeds to tell you a little bit more about himself. I was born and raised in Long Island, and was really into movies until I went to college. Finally I started doing comedy at a comedy club, and I was really good at it. I had a few small shows, and this girl who worked there gave me the name Joe Orton. I had no idea what an Irish name was, so she told me I was named after the hero in a fairy tale, an Orton. I think she was also trying to tell me I was very unlucky. After several shows, my name was getting a little too big for my head. I called myself Joe Orton, and the rest is history. However, I have lived in several places, and I do believe I speak on my own behalf.

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