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I think Im going to make a big ol stash of them. I think its so fun that you can make a few versions, then pick one you like best.

Katie Holmes was at the center of a media circus in 43. Maybe not, maybe its all just a conspiracy theory. And why does she care so much about Katie Holmes today. You dont care about thisKatie Holmes is just another celebrity. Shes just another celebrity, you say to yourself. At this point you reach into your book bag and pull out your phone. Call the FBI and just ask them what this celebrity has to do with me. Shes really just another celebrity with lots of baggage. But this time youve gone a bit too far. But whats wrong with just being just another celebrity. Well, its not exactly like you havent dealt with the celebrity world before. And this time, you feel the urge to throw up. Isnt it better to just take the high road. You dont give a shit what the government is doing. Whats wrong with you is youre just too damn insecure. Youve only just started having sex with a woman. And youre sure youve fucked a few celebrities before, but you didnt care.

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