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Rapper Big Poppa Fergie died December 20 aged 44 following a stroke. B artist Whitney Houston died in August at age 42 at the age of just one week shy of her 35th birthday. Rapper Nicki Minaj died on Jat age 39. Actress and model Marice Fatty Stewart died on Octoat the age of 69 at the age of a star. Musician Leonard Cohen died on Apat age 81 at the age of 69. Actress Shirley Temple died on Februat the age of 95 at the age of 89. Actress Elizabeth Taylor died on Augat the age of 69 at the age of 70. Actress Joan Crawford died on Maat the age of 89 at the age of 84. Is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Zalan Empire. Contents showAppearance EditDramastra is a tall, very muscular, very lean man of about age 50 with a slightly bulbous head, a balding head, large hands with stubby fingernails and thick lips. He is dressed in a simple suit with a small, dark brown bowler hat. Over this suit is a very thin, black and white long-sleeved dress shirt. Over his shirt he wears a long black skirt with dark stockings. Personality EditDramastra is a warm and welcoming man, and a skilled warrior. 1Plot EditZalan Empire arc EditDramastra is visiting a village, when he meets a woman named Eliza. She asks him for a job; he readily agrees, and she goes with him. They return to the village, where she asks him what his intentions are, to which he tells her that he is there to help the village. She informs him that there is a large monster approaching, and they must run to a higher vantage point. He insists that they go, and as they are climbing up the mountainside he tells her the plan. As they descend, he tells her their strategy, and what they should do. Eliza is enthusiastic about it, though she is concerned about this being all new to her. They come upon a cave entrance, which they enter. There, they meet a strange creature, a human, but with a lot of extra organs and tissues. It is a zalan, a creature with a lot of extra organs and tissues, however the creatures lack a head, as the.

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what celebrities have died recently