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See Photo Galleries You look at the pictures and see some of the celebrities in bikinis and some in more ordinary swimwear. This is a total waste of time, you say to yourself as photos flash across the screen which are mostly selfies with no context or other details. You turn it off, go over to the TV and watch The Price Is Right. You are not even paying attention to what is on the telly. Instead, you are thinking about your own problems. You feel like life is going to suck. A month passes and your life doesnt suck. You go out to the local beach every now and then to hang over the drinking water and enjoy the sun. After all, its summer now and there is a little bit of a heatwave in town. It seems that youve developed a taste for fine whiskey because even though youre a week late for your date with Laura you manage to go out again. She gives you a funny look the first time you get her attention in a bar, but the second time you go out she comes up to you and says something about how you both need to meet her parents in the next town. She also hands you an envelope with six dollars inside. Its the same amount that Laura had handed you on the second date. Laura is a pretty girl, but you feel like youre a far better catch. You cant believe that youve been dating for something like four months. There had been other girls, but now youve found a guy whos better than even the girls that you like. Hes got a job, hes polite and he says things in the right way. You open the envelope and take a look inside. To LauraIm not sure what to write here, I mean Ive written what Ive thought about you all day long and I know youve had that same thought a couple times. Ive been trying to think of something funny that would be suitable, but I just cant think of any. The first time I saw you I was struck by the fact that you were different, but I couldnt put my finger on it. I figured you were just a little too quiet for you are in general. I cant stress how much that was a turn off to me, but then again I thought you might seem a little quiet because youre shy or because youre.

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