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The most recently popular TV starJon Turtletaub died of heart failure. This particular event is just one that has occurred in recent times in the entertainment industry. You and I, we can get over such matters at a later time. But until then, we will not be complacent. We will remember all that has passed and will come again. You leave it at that and your thoughts are with your family for now. You will think of them as you carry on your new life. It is about time you start your new life. The EndYou have nothing else to do on today off. You can go home now, and spend time with your family. You make it through the long lift up the stairs, and get to your home. You see a sofa, a table, some chairs and a TV. You sit down on the sofa, and close the door. You spend a few minutes just focusing on your breathing, going over your feelings regarding the future. Your family is being killed, and you are likely to play a part. The way your life is going right now sucks. T even know it yet, but you are going to.

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