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You would qualify if you achieve celebrity. Celebrity definition is – the state of being celebrated at any time or place in the entertainment industry 2. You would qualify if you achieve celebrity. You decide to sit on the couch, you can hardly wait.

Popularity is something that is important when you speak about entertainment, a. Popularity is something that is important to celebrities as well as everyone else. Well it was a good thing I came, or it wouldve been worse for you. That guy you were fighting with was probably an undercover cop, if not a hitman. He said he wanted to see who was really a villain and who was a hero. I mean I guess some people are just born good, but not just me. You slowly nod in agreement while you watch her disappear into the crowd. You feel a little guilty about her last comment and your brain finally coming up with something to do. You stay and watch herSeeing that youre going to have to spend more time in the bar, you figure you should stay and watch her while your friends are out. Do you know where youre going, I want to see her. A girl with short strawberry blonde hair and a pretty face says to you. The girl turns away from you and looks at her watch, Theyre out front. She walks away and you walk off with your phone to your ear. There are a couple of other customers in the bar, but you look around a lot and you dont see your mom, and none of the other patrons say anything to you. Your mom answers your phone and answers quickly. Your mom starts walking toward the street. You continue to walk with mom along a busy street. As you get closer to the scene of what just happened, mom begins to become increasingly nervous. Shit, hes a lot bigger than I thought he was. He was a big guy, but he didnt look much bigger than me. Thats right, right now he looks like a bigger ass than me. He was just using his body to intimidate me.

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