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His parents are probably just happy it didnt lead to him becoming a sociopath, a murderer, or something like that. However, there are times when I wish theyd just given him a chance. These celebrities are making a lot of money, they dont have to live like they do. Just me and you, me on your couch, watching TV, eating Doritos and talking about life. Would we have a good relationship and a good life. I cant change his past, I cant change his parents, but I can change myself. Im too old to look at my little brother like hes some tragic victim. As a once in a lifetime chance to create a better relationship with the person right next to me. Im sick of feeling like Im watching him die. I just wish I could be able to do something. Ive never wanted to take a life before, but I cant stay stuck in my past. Ive been living my life like Im stuck in the past. I cant live my life like Im living for the moment. The only thing that will bring me peace, is if I can show myself and my brother how to live for the future. Maybe its because I keep on looking at him like a dead person. Maybe Ive just been too hard on him as he grew up. When we were little girls we used to go to his house and watch movies in his living room. I dont know what we would have done if wed grown up to be stars. I dont know if we would have been like him and idolized them. Maybe he would have been my idol, if I was born a celebrity. The only thing I know for certain is, I cant keep on living like Im stuck in the past. Sometimes Im just going to lock myself in my room and wallow in my past. The only thing I need is you in my life. Signed, A Person Living In The PastYou open up your front door. You know from the moment you woke up till the moment you fell asleep that you werent coming to any of your real lives in.

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