Days after Trump was elected, Dunham said she would not be …

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MichaelshermanTheres only one problem: Theres no there there. Yes, theres lots of people tweeting about it, but theres no clear way to find out who those people are. One thing is for sure: Dunham isnt in North Vancouver, and in fact shes not even in Canada at all. We contacted Dunhams office, but no one answered. We also reached out to the Vancouver area office of Republican National Committee for comment, but havent heard back. For example, if you saw Dunhams tweet and retweeted it, what did it say. Was it something like:I have been offered a wonderful opportunity to move to Canada with my entire family. If President-elect Trump wins, I will be moving to Canada with all my family. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Canada is a majority Conservative country, we will not have a First Lady in any capacity. However, Melania Trump will be accepting any and all presidential appointments. In any case, someone really needs to fix this. The people who Tweeted about it dont have much in the way of proof to back up their claims, and the Twitter account theyre tweeting from doesnt actually belong to a famous person. TheMattWilstein, on TwitterHave a tip we should know. ComIn the final moments of a very close game Sunday, a Packers fan goes for the winning touchdown. The Packers won 27-24 in overtime Video: NBC, The city of Chicago has just been named the biggest loser of Super Bowl XLVI. A new report from the National Conference of State Legislatures has ranked the states for their legal and business regulations affecting the Super Bowl.

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celebrities who said they would move to canada