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The app is for celebrities and their high profile people. It seems that raya is used by celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Garner and Sarah Jessica Parker as the name suggests. The app is free to download, but not use, and there is no long term plans for a subscription. RAYA is also used by celebrities for business purposes. Its difficult to say, there is no research that has been done to measure the extent of its popularity. It has become very big on the smartphone world, but this isnt always the case. There are no plans for a premium version, yet. Why dont they use it for a long time. These users are known individuals who are popular within their field. Is there a way to get in contact with these users. No contact numbers available on these users or phone numbers. This contact person is a celebrity whose status in the industry is not known.

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dating app for celebrities