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In a recent interview with IGN, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima explained the inspiration behind the games story-oriented approach. For example, a recent E3 trailer for the game shows a character saying, Its not just about killing. Kojima noted that this may be a metaphor or some sort of comment about the nature of war. He continued, Thats not to say you cant have intense battles. But we wanted to have a story that we can explore, that can evolve over the course of the game. So a lot of those battles were not just for the sake of battle, but for the sake of a story. Kojima further explained, Id say its different from other games in the genre. In a lot of the other games, youre playing as a protagonist whos sort of on the side of good or someone whos neutral, and their stories are very traditional. They dont necessarily have a different reason to be doing what theyre doing. Our protagonist, Solidus Snake, isnt like that at all. He may be a bad person, but he has a reason for doing what hes doing. So whats a story, and why do people do certain things. If you ask me, I think Metal Gear Solid is the same way as most stories. Kojima went on to describe the series as having an underlying theme of revenge. The series setting was also the inspiration behind Kojimas decision to set the story in the Cold War era. My goal was really to tell a story about whats going to happen in the world during the Cold War era. That was my thinking behind setting it in the Cold War era. This is not the first time Kojima has referenced a Cold War-era setting for the series, in a 2014 interview he explained the games early years were going to be set in a very tense and cold world where a nuclear war has caused a lot of damage.

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