Danielle Lloyd announces five new arrivals into her family as dog Fendi is pregnant

Danielle Lloyd has her hands full with awaiting the arrival of her first daughter with husband Michael.

But now the star is also getting sorted for another FIVE arrivals in her family, as she announces in her OK! column that her dog Fendi is pregnant.

In her exclusive new column, only available for OK! VIP members, Danielle, 37, talks about getting back into her fitness and the importance of going at your own pace throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for reading my column last week, it felt great opening up with you all and I'm loving working with OK! as we get closer to the arrival of our daughter in the coming weeks!

Overall, I’m doing ok, but yesterday was a bit of a funny day for me. I felt really ill. I was just so exhausted and wasn't feeling like my usual self. I ended up going back to bed and having a few hours sleep. I’m putting it down to the full moon! I feel much better today. I think I’ve been worrying a lot lately because my son Archie has just started senior school. It’s all been a bit much over the last few weeks. Maybe it was my body telling me I need to chill out a bit?


Our gorgeous dog Fendi is pregnant! We’re all so excited. We went for a scan on Monday and she could be having five or more puppies. Eeeek. We’re both going to be mummies together. She just wants to sleep all of the time, like me! We also caught up with my brother Matthew and spent time with his little girl Bella, four, who I try and see as much as I can. But it was also the first time I met my cousin's new baby girl Gabriella, who is 12 weeks old. She’s just so cute. She’s still a newborn baby and I kept thinking, ‘I’ll have mine soon. That’s going to be me in a few weeks!’ I am really excited now. Our wardrobe is bursting at the seams, she's got so many clothes. We’ve been sent so much over the past few months, she’s already well and truly spoilt. But I’m so grateful for it all. The thing is, she will have all these pretty outfits but they’ll only get ruined and she'll grow out of them so quickly! They grow so fast so you have to cherish every minute of it.


I’ve been trying to get back into fitness. I can't do the exercises I normally would, so instead, I went swimming with my mum which was really nice. When you're in the water, you don't feel as heavy, so it was really good to do some lengths and chill out in the spa afterwards. While we relaxed, Michael, my dad and my brother Matthew took my boys to the football. They love Liverpool so much. One of the problems Michael and I have is that the boys have so many hobbies and they're at different clubs and lessons every night. If they’re not at Ju-Jitsu, they’re at football. What are we gonna do when our baby girl is here and wants to go to ballet or something? We'll have to get a double-decker bus to ferry them all around in the evenings!


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I have been thinking about getting my hospital bag ready soon as I'm now 31 weeks but I keep putting off actually doing it. I know I have time to get sorted, but it just seems to be going really fast. My belly has definitely popped out this week. I feel like I've got bigger overnight. I’ve also started having Braxton Hicks contractions, which are also known as false labour pains. It panics me as my son Harry was born prematurely at just 29 weeks. Harry even says to me, ‘Mummy, I don’t want her to come too early like I did and have loads of problems.’ While you may wish they were here already and you don’t want to be pregnant anymore, they are better off staying inside and cooking a bit longer. I wouldn’t wish a premature birth on anyone, it was horrendous. He was on life support for seven weeks, he had a hole in his heart, a hole in his stomach and had brain damage. There was a lot of things wrong with him so he’s a very special boy. I’m not worried about giving birth because I’ve been through it a lot of times. But this labour will definitely be special because I know it will be my last.


I’ve been drinking a lot of Vita Coco Coconut Water recently, and I can’t recommend it enough when you’re feeling dehydrated. It’s definitely the best coconut water out there – nothing can beat it. It’s so refreshing and perfect for natural hydration.


I love watching Ferne McCann’s First Time Mum, and it does make me think about doing my own show in the future. I wouldn’t say no to it. I think my show would be very different. It would be manic and hectic, as you can imagine. Even thinking about what our house is like every morning when I’m trying to get the four boys up and ready for school is just mad. I’m constantly running around and taking the kids everywhere they need to be. I think shows like Ferne's are good because you get to watch how other mums and parents get on with it all and everyone is different. It can be one of the scariest things when you’re a new mum because they feel they’re being judged. It’s important to know that everyone does things differently, and you have to do it your own way at your own pace."

See you next week!

Danielle x

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