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I dont know about all of it though, since Ive never watched Dancing with the Stars, but it doesnt matter, since the subject of this post is the post where I read stuff I could find about Dancing with the Stars. This one, the first one in the post above, was posted on Januby a user who called himself TheCrazyChef. The post was entitled, The New York Times did a profile on Dancing with the Stars. I found some stuff in there about why Dancing with the Stars is really a bad idea and why I dont think it has a future, but I dont say theyre wrong so I decided to check this out as well. The CrazyChef, being a bit of a reporter, actually had a reporter pose as a fan and go through the motions of dancing. The story was a complete fabrication, and the journalist was, in fact, a complete fraud. The CrazyChef, as he was first identified, and later determined to be, was a fake. In this situation, the fake The Crazy Chef was actually an elaborate hoax run by one Matthew Rorie. AdvertisementRorie created a false profile on Friendster as David and created an email account under that name. He claimed to be a New Yorker and a vegetarian, though he still consumed animal products When he was confronted about it, he took ownership of his actions and admitted that he was the crazy chef. There is one final piece to this mess: It turns out the New Yorker David wrote for wasnt real either. In order to track down the real David, who apparently went by a different name, the New Yorker was tracked down and questioned. They say a lot of things, but at the end of it all theyve decided to publish this fake one, anyway. AdvertisementWere very proud of what weve done, says Matthew Rorie in an interview. Rorie claims that he didnt actually want to create a fake profile for anyone. I just thought it would be funny for a friend to create a fake friend and ask me why I do what I do, he says. The funny thing is, hes already created three fake profiles.

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dancing with the stars celebrities