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Dancing with Stars season four premiere: December.

At the stage, a gaggle of television cameras and photographers are waiting. Apparently, the last time you appeared on Dancing With the Stars was in 2010. D move into a one-bedroom rental apartment in New York City. The producers of the show loved that idea and agreed to let you appear on the show again, but the plan was for you to appear with a different man. You take a deep breath and walk to the stage. You briefly see your ex-husband dressed up for the occasion wearing a white tuxedo; he looks a lot different than the guy you see on the regular. You turn to face the cameras and put your hands on the glass. S Megan Gailey performing for Dancing With The Stars. The cameras show you as the first contestant on the show. You raise your hands, ready to be called upon. You take another deep breath and enter the stage. You start dancing and start to sway like mad. You keep rocking back and forth, but this time, instead of your hands, you hold onto the glass as you sway. Megan starts to giggle and starts to clap along with you and your dance.

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