Dana Reeve was born on Main Teaneck, New Jersey, USA as Dana …

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You get up and exit the office, leaving Quinn behind. D see if I could get a couple of the other celebrities to come out. S probably the best possible idea that came to mind when I actually sat down and thought about it. Yeah, but I still got those memories. S not like I was going to be doing anything anyway. T until after I became a professional that I became a real performer. S going to be the same thing at the club even if there might be a few more celebrities present. S not like I can say anything. Quinn leaves you and goes behind the office. You turn off your phone and leave the office with your bags. You say as you wave goodbye to her. You enter your car and drive off to your destination. T feel like you have anything else to do right now. You just need to get this show on the road. You drive for quite awhile before finally arriving back at the club.

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celebrities born in 1961