Damaged Container Spills 50,000 Liters of Red Wine in Spain

You’re looking at the Exxon Valdez for wine enthusiasts everywhere — a small town in Spain where earthworms are suddenly getting wasted as 50,000 liters of red spills onto the ground. Yeah, pour one for the amigos there.

Pretty horrific scene, reminiscent of the red rum flood in “The Shining,” at a winery in Villamalea … about 5 hours outside Barcelona. A giant container used to process and store the wine malfunctioned or was damaged, and all we can say is … they’re gonna need bigger wine glasses.

Unclear what went wrong, but folks there could only watch in horror as the vat slowly and painfully emptied out. This is one way to let the wine breathe, but we don’t recommend it.

Take us out, UB40.

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