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Playboy and Raine are not paying Playboy money for views of these girls. You decide to not go through with the plan that Raine and Daisy suggested. Youre a little skeptical about it, but you figure it would be better than going to a strip joint and you could just take your pick of the girls there. After your long drive, you pull into a secluded strip joint and park near the entrance just in case the owner or any of the other patrons see you and try to hassle you. You walk in and are immediately followed by several girls who notice your presence. So, how do you like our club, stranger. Its just a trip, Im just here to smoke a blunt. No, seriously there are a bunch of pretty girls over there and if you keep talking well give you the whole place to yourself. I dunno man, I think itd be pretty fun. Sure, but youd better not be late. I dont want any of you girls getting in trouble for being late. As you sit down to your blunt you ask the girl behind the cash register, What is your name. I have to admit, that name is pretty cute when youre embarrassed. She smiles at you and you go back outside to smoke and look out at the beautiful downtown setting. You are in a different mood than when you went shopping at the clothing store for the first time. Your plan to meet the girls in a strip joint didnt work out, but you havent given up entirely. You are determined to take on whatever challenges this trip presents. The next day, you make your way to the strip joint which is close by. Its not exactly what youd call a posh place, but its not the kind of place that would attract the attention of the police. The place is just big enough for a small stage and a couple of tables to set up. It looks like a dive, but a dive can be pretty cool too at times.

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