Daisy Fuentes was born on Novemin Havana, Cuba…

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Oscar Reyes, Cuban American actor director. I remember it was actually very nice one of those times at one of those parties in the mansion, we were all drinking the expensive, delicious, bubbly, tropical drink you can see in that movie The Devil Wears Prada and we were all all dancing and pretending to be a bunch of pretty, pretty blonde chicks. Somebody in our group, I cant remember hisher name, was a bit out there. This was before cellphones and the whole social media thing, so the whole thing was done via email. I remember he had a tattoo on his neck of a lightning bolt with a heart above it. We were all standing around watching a movie when he said: What the hell is with all the gay people in films. How come Im the only one with a girlfriend in that world-famous Hollywood blockbuster The Hangover. We all kind of laughed along with him and the movie turned out to be a very funny one. However, I do remember he asked me that very same question the next day at work. I replied: Its because of you all those other homosexuals are straight. Youre kind of the reason why Hollywood hasnt produced any more movies with straight characters. I dont recall seeing a lot of these movies, but perhaps they were making an effort to cast straight characters in movies since that was what the public wanted at the time. Anyway, in any case, he was a bit of an outcast, and I think thats why he had a lot of gay friends, but it wasnt enough by any means. Perhaps the only people he had really close to him were his two dogs: the one on the right was a chihuahua; while the one on the left was a dachshund. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my childhood. Sigh, I wish I had some pictures of myself when I was in my twenties, but my father and brother went to different universities. But they didnt have any of their own, so they would rent them from Blockbuster.

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