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Here are the 49 most infamous A-list celebrities of all time. An A-list celebrity is one at the very top of their field. A famous person is any of those people with a public reputation of being extremely famous or infamous. I bought a book that I think really shows how much the world has changed since the original Star Wars movie was made, it is called A New Hope Revisited: The Original Star Wars Trilogy as Art Deco, by Peter J. I know from what I have read that youre a big Star Wars fan, and I want to ask you a few questions about the filmography. Please explain why you felt the need to make The Phantom Menace the first entry in the Star Wars saga after the original Star Wars movie. When I was first approached about doing the book, I was a little reticent. I wondered if they didnt want me to explain why I thought that was the right way to do things. So it was nice to talk with both Dave Filoni and Gary Kurtz and get them to explain why they wanted to do certain things, and why I should follow suit. Its true that the original trilogy has its flaws, but theyre not all flaws that I want to ignore. When I read the first few chapters of the book, I was a little disappointed. I knew that they werent going to be faithful versions of the original films, but I was still under the impression that these were all made for kids, which they are in a way I knew that the book would end with the Clone Wars, but I was still hoping that it would go on to the future. When I started reading book, I really started to see how this film had been created from George Lucas original ideas.

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