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You go with PhyliciaYou go with Phylicia and this is why you know he has feelings for her. After school he meets her for lunch in your apartment complex. You can tell she had made this outfit as a present for him. You give your signature look of a sideways head tilt and she just nods at you. You follow her from the apartment complex into a parking lot where you see the car. It is a silver 4 door sedan and its drivers side window is rolled down. The driver is a tall dark haired and bearded man in his mid 30s clad entirely in dark clothing with a leather jacket. He is wearing a baseball cap with a long flowing dark brown hair and an untidy goatee along with a long sleeve tan leather jacket. The passenger is a heavyset man with a goatee and with a skinny build wearing an army style cap with a plaid pattern. He wears a blue sweatshirt, black pants and white sneakers. The two men look at each other and stop in their conversation. You wait and then they exit your complex and head down the street. Were going to the same place Phylicia says. You wait at the parking lotYou wait at the lot but Phylicia drives off before getting out of the car. The two men eventually get out of the car. From the car you recognize the man wearing the gray sweatshirt. You look at the man who has a shaved head and wears a pair of black glasses. The man is dressed more casually in a t-shirt and jeans. Your guess is the man in the t-shirt is about your age. The man driving is wearing a baseball cap and is about a few years older than you. You go inside a nearby storeYou go to a nearby store and talk to the clerk for a couple minutes. The clerk tells you she doesnt know where the man is from but thinks hes an older man in his late 20s or even 30s. You watch the two men walk inside the store. The clerk is still talking to you and the two men are looking around. The clerk goes back to her task and the two men start looking through the store. The man puts his arm around your shoulder as if hes grabbing you.

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cute celebrities boys