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A former South African Police Service officer has been sentenced to five and a half years in jail for murdering an undercover police officer in 2012. Detective Sergeant Thulasimos Zwane, a member of the Hawks, was shot in the neck by Thulasiphon Mpofu in October 2012, just three days before he was due to testify that Zwane and three other Hawks were involved in an attempted extortion attempt. Mpofu was shot and killed by the Hawks when he attempted to flee. During the trial, the defense told the court that Mpofu had been threatened by Zwane which, in turn, led to Mpofu being lured to an empty house to rob it. According to the defence, Zwane was not aware that Mpofu was a police officer and was actually working for the Hawks. The defence argued that Mpofu should be convicted of murder and not of attempting to rob Zwane at the time he was shot. During sentencing on Thursday, the court found Mpofu guilty of murdering Zwane. His lawyer, John Mpofu, immediately asked for the conviction to be thrown out and asked for the sentence to be reduced to life imprisonment. The court rejected the request though and sentenced Mpofu to life imprisonment. Mpofu had earlier pleaded with the court not to convict his client. On the night of Octo, Mpofu had arrived at Zwanes home with the intention of robbing him. Zwane was supposed to appear before Mpofu and the informant, a known criminal, to testify about an attempted kidnapping attempt on the informant several months earlier. Zwane arrived at his familys home about 20 minutes after 11 p. And immediately became suspicious of Mpofu, according to his testimony. Zwane left to check out what was going on and was not seen or heard from again. He was not found until two days later by a neighbour and the Hawks who were investigating a robbery. The prosecution claimed that Zwane had been killed by a fellow police officer, but the court rejected that explanation. The prosecution and defense were given two weeks to agree on an alternative explanation for Zwanes death and the prosecution accepted that Mpofus actions were not premeditated, but that they nonetheless constituted murder. Justice Marius de Beer found Mpofu responsible, but ruled that his actions on the night of his death should not be punished since the murder of Zwane had no nexus to that of the Hawks.

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