Cox has used her rising celebrity to advocate for both the trans …

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She is not just some faggot that hassling people. Well at least your past self knows, because you have probably been a damn hypocrite for your entire adult life and have never once even said a damn word about this situation until now. It really is as if your entire life has been a joke to you. You say, trying to think about what you want to say to try to change your mind. You ask him why he is supporting ObamaAre you serious. In my case, I dont care what you or she say, because I know, I have never actually said it, but I have ALWAYS felt that I couldve done more to help Obama win. Im just saying things in a way that is similar to how I used to. At this point you interrupt him, and ask him if he is really just backing Obama just because he seems to be the lesser of two evils in the GOP. Im also trying to give him a chance, because I know, I havent supported a Democratic Party candidate in thirty years. I also dont think he will go as far as Romney does, but in any case Ill try to stop any of this shit that is going to happen and it is really not that hard. We simply need to just take over some TV stations, newspapers and what not. You know, like we did last time. Besides, I know you and you have been fighting for gay rights for years. Maybe when it comes time, we can do something together. Maybe even start a new organization, the T. Channel, so that gay people dont feel all alone anymore. I mean how are we going to do anything about the rest of the world. You didnt even know the Clinton Administration supported the LGBTQ community. Your mouth dropped open so many times during this conversation. Why the hell did I think that John was for Obama. You said, trying to find a way to explain everything. Look, I just told you, Im just supporting him because I know he is just going to do the best for this country.

Information about Ftm celebrities

ftm celebrities