Cox has used her rising celebrity to advocate for both …

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When you finally start the drive to your destination, you cant stop thinking about the two of them. They probably could have done something to save you, and you dont even know why youre here thinking about it. You were in a perfect place, with perfect people, and then you were killed and they turned their backs. You cant believe that theyre letting this happen. You go back and forth between dwelling on the tragedy of your death and mourning for your lost boyfriend. You dont even let yourself think about the fact that you might actually have been in love with Bobby, if he hadnt been so fuckup in so many other ways. In all the months youd known him, hed never acted particularly flirty towards you and had acted like he didnt really want to see you again after you broke up with him. Even when you were dating Donna, he seemed to be trying the whole time to get with her so he could marry her. And maybe all that was true, maybe Bobby was trying to keep himself from losing you and being lonely again. But then you remember how he got involved with the two trans people and how you never heard from him again. He was probably busy and just failed to see you too late. You try to put the whole thing out of your mind and force yourself to drive on, but you continue to think about Bobby and it just keeps pulling at you. As soon as you hand your card over to the desk you get asked to step outside for inspection. You cant believe youre going to be here two days. All you want to do is go home. Why cant you have a normal life again. The man starts to walk outside as your eyes follow him and you start to cry. The man starts to pat you on the shoulder in an attempt to console you. By tomorrow morning, you should be ready to leave. You just lean your head back against the doorframe and close your eyes as you realize youre in a motel room with an unfamiliar man and you feel like an idiot. The next couple of days pass in a blur of sleep deprivation and nightmares. The nightmares start when you walk down the hallways of the.

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