Covid isnt ebola Kirstie Allsopp divides fans as she defends unvaccinated Strictly pros

Strictly: James Jordan calls unvaccinated dancers ‘selfish’

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Last week, The Sun claimed that two dancers on Strictly Come Dancing had decided against getting the Covid vaccine and now a third has reportedly followed suit. The publication claims that their refusal of the jab left some celebrity contestants reluctant to pair with them. A source told them that producers were “dreading an outbreak” during the series.

The report has certainly divided fans and fellow professionals from the show and now Kirstie Allsopp, 50, has had her say.

Taking to Twitter today, she said: “This whole #Strictly thing feeds into the fear agenda.

“If you’re fit enough to do Strictly and you are vaccinated yourself then the risk from an unvaccinated partner really is very small.

“Covid isn’t Ebola for God’s sake.#notaDoctorbutcanreaddata.”

Many of her 423,000 followers flocked to her post to comment.

Widdy Williams wrote: “Surely it’s the unvaccinated partner they need to be protecting?”

James McGuckin added: “Health and safety first Kirsty.

“All the unvaccinated need to do is agree to a test to make sure they haven’t got Covid then dance on.”(sic)

Comedian Jenny Eclair chimed in: “I certainly wouldn’t want to be partnered with an unvaccinated pro – so it’s a good job I’ve never been asked!”

Emma Kennedy wrote: “There’s still a risk of hospitalisation (however small) and there’s still always the chance you can get Long Covid.

“It’s about mutual respect. I’m keeping you safe but you don’t want to keep me safe.

“It’s a close contact entertainment show. I understand the anger.”

After seeing two of her followers clash about the impact of Covid, Kirstie added: “I wish there was more talk about how amazing this vaccine is. It reduces transmission & long Covid.

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“I don’t want people to feel invisible but I know so many people who still feel sadly vulnerable, and it’s impacting their lives enormously, some might say dangerously.”

A Strictly spokesperson said that they “do not comment on speculation of somebody’s Covid vaccination status”, but added: “Strictly Come Dancing production has, and will, continue to follow strict government guidelines to ensure the safety of all on the show.”

The Government and health professionals have encouraged the nation to get an approved jab, to protect them against the virus.

It is believed both professional dancers and celebrities will be Covid tested throughout their time on the show and may not be asked to step down if they test positive.

Strictly’s executive producer Sarah James told “If a celebrity does receive a positive test, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are out of the competition.

“It might mean they could miss a week and still get enough training in to return [after 10 days of self-isolating].”

Like last year, there will also be no live audience and dancing duos will not be allowed to mix.

Sarah added: “We will keep everybody distanced from each other so you won’t see them all up in Claudia’s area.

“They will be sitting in the audience like last year on their little tables which I think worked really nicely.

“Obviously keeping everybody safe and keeping the show going is our priority.”

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