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But is the palette really designed to highlight your natural looks. A colorist using the same name as the woman in the photo said thats not the case. This is a really great option for women of color who are looking to enhance their natural beauty by adding a little something extra, said Kelli Jones of Studio Jones Color in New York City. The colorist said the palette is not intended to showcase anyones ethnicity or nationality, but rather highlight the best features of each individual. I think that this color is really targeted to women of color, Jones said. Its meant for the woman who wants to bring a little bit more to her life and enhance her natural beauty. She said the shades highlight the best features of each individual. We think its really great, because its a great balance between the colors they already have in their life the colors of their skin and the tones that we think a woman of color should have in her life, Jones said. Jones said that she is personally a fan of the color because she uses it to create a variety of looks. This color palette provides a lot of options, and for that its excellent, she added. Jones said she created the palette at Studio Jones Color in New York City. She said the colorist there, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity, is in touch with clients to determine which of her natural shades will work best. This isnt the first time the colorist has created a palette for women of color: She did it for a client last year. We created the Summerpalette in 2016 for a Korean clients lifestyle brand on Etsy, she said. They were the first company to create a color palette specifically for a woman of color. A lot of us are in a very creative frame of mind, said Jones. This is one way to bring a little bit of whats inside us into a place that people can see.

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